Comprehensive Credit Review


  1. Start with listing of all company locations
  2. Develop or utilize existing “Credit Matrix/Listing”
    • Review what types of credits or incentives may be available for each location
  3. Run Location Addresses for Zone Specific Credits
  4. Review locations against Credit Matrix for investment credit opportunities
    • This is where the “Type of Operation” is critical
  5. Review locations for increases in headcount and specific zone credits
    • Compare those sites with increases in headcount and/or that are in specific zones with the Credit Matrix
    • Indicate credit opportunities as either above the line (refundable / cash) or below the line (tax credit)
  6. Make a list of potential credit opportunities
    • Identify the qualifying criteria for each credit opportunity and which criteria are critical to qualify for each
    • Request detailed information - payroll information, fixed asset information, property tax renditions, training costs, health insurance info., etc.
  7. Qualify all credit opportunities
  8. Quantify credits identified
  9. Track credits generated, utilization, and carryforwards